Teaching References

Teaching References

During the time I have taught students the Czech language, I have met many different types of students with different strengths and abilities. I have taught students with an obvious talent for languages, but also students who, like me, have struggled with learning a language. And even one who required me to teach her as much as possible in the six weeks she had before she moved to the Czech Republic. I imagined that teaching anyone Czech in such a short space of time would an impossible task.

And do you know what? They all learned Czech. Not without work, but they all learned. I was surprised at how much progress each one of them made while studying here in England. All those who studied with me before moving to the Czech Republic said how much easier it had made it for them to start their new lives there.

I admire all my students at how quickly they managed to orientate themselves in, to understand, to speak and to feel this difficult language.

Zora Zamecnikova

teacher, coach, tutor

I have been working with Zora for approximately 1 month now, and find that she is extremely professional, patient, friendly and genuinely makes you feel comfortable during her lessons. I would 100% recommend getting in touch with her if you are considering learning language.


project manager

Zora is an excellent teacher. Lessons are always a challenge but are never overwhelming since Zora introduces new things in a way that builds perfectly on the previous lesson. Also, Zora’s upbeat and enthusiastic approach makes each lesson an experience – you are guaranteed to laugh!



I study Czech, because my partner originally comes from the Czech Republic and I would like to be able to talk with his family.

I feel that studying Czech with Zora is very efficient, but still fun. She is a very motivating tutor and manages to teach this quite difficult language in an easy-to-understand way. I would happily recommend her lessons to everybody who wants to learn Czech quickly and successfully.


Animal Trainer and Consultant

Zora has taught me the Czech language for my university course for over a year now. She has helped me pass language tests with excellent grades. I like the fact that my lessons are tailored to my requirements. Her style of friendly yet professional teaching is an ideal environment to learn a new language and more about the culture of the Czech Republic. My level of confidence to converse in Czech has grown significantly. Thanks, Zora!



Dear Zora,  I have been able to learn to speak Czech in a very short period of time. You have been very patient and very clear and made it very easy for me to learn. Thank you for adjusting the timing to suit me and bearing with me. I wanted to learn the language before I go to the Czech Republic to study. Thanks a million for all your help. Best Regards, Rahul



Zora is a fantastic language coach. Well prepared, flexible and always willing to go the extra mile, she’s made learning Czech really fun. Highly recommended!


university lecturer

Ever since, I have decided to go to Prague, I wanted to learn Czech language. Even at my age of 43, Zora made Czech language learning very interesting. Zora is a very good teacher. She is nice, polite& very patient. She makes sure, she caters the lessons to your needs. I would recommend her to anyone interested in learning Czech language.


Zora has helped me to gain a lot of confidence with beginner’s Czech. Lessons are relaxed and she is very accommodating. I’ve gained much from working with a native Czech speaking like Zora, especially regarding pronunciation. Zora is very meticulous and is keen to stop students from picking up bad habits. I only had a short time with Zora but feel that I have progressed very quickly with Czech because of her personalized approach. Highly recommended….


English teacher

I’ve been able to build my confidence very quickly with Zora’ teaching. She is a passionate tutor who gives you the support and guidance you need. I have never been able to fully ‘learn’ a new language in school or in my life before. With the help of Zora, I know I can achieve the reward. Thank you, Zora!



Zora is a brilliant teacher. Although the Czech language can be quite challenging to learn, Zora has made the learning process fun and the language easier to understand. I’m much more confident in conversing in Czech in such a short time. I’m grateful to Zora for being so patient with me and really helping me to progress with the Czech language.



Very friendly and relaxed presentation of work and teaching style. I am enjoying the challenge and value Zora methods for helping me achieve my aim.