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  Each message is a hand-crafted original. And each picture has its own story.

I download these messages from the Akashic Records (or Book of Life, Quantum field) and the message is expressed by means of symbols and colors of Sacred Geometry, which act on the human soul with their own energy and their own languages.

The messages contain activation Light codes of Cosmic Consciousness, healing energy, and they communicate with your soul on an energy level. As my space guides told me, they help to open the heart chakra and the connection with one’s own soul.

I was guided by my space guides to record the date of the image as well. I think it’s because those numbers somehow energetically support the message of the Light Codes OR this date may have a special meaning for the future owner of the picture.

A complete overview of each image can be found on Etsy. The link will take you there. 

The customized messages according to the customer´s needs

You can choose

1 / one of the three standard dimensions – contact me after payment and we will talk about to whom the painting is intended and for what occasion)   or

2 / if you are interested in a larger image, FIRST write me a message with a question. We will agree on the details and the shape of your wishes.

Your Own Message

Custom size and shape

Your Own Message

15 x 10 cm  (6″ x 4″)

Your Own Message

18 x 13 cm  (7″ x 5″)

Your Own Message

20 x 15 cm (8″ x 6″)

The messages ready to go

The messages were captured from the Akashic Records over time for a (yet) unknown recipient. And now is the time to say goodbye to them to deliver their message to whom it belongs.

If the message appeals to you, if your heart comes to life when you look at it, it may be for you!

The pictures are embedded in simple glass frames, but of course, you can put them in frames that match your interior and your soul. The glass frame protects the picture during transport.

Message No 1

Message No 2

Message No 3

Message No 4

Message No 5

Message No 6

Message No 7

Message No 8

Message No 9

Message No 10

Message No 11

Message No 12

Message No 13

Message No 14

Message No 15

Message No 16

Message No 17

Message No 18

Message No 19

Message No 20

Message No 21

Message No 22

Message No 23

Message No 24

Message No 25

Message No 26

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