At this moment I am running all my Services online via online meeting room.

Your project ” Fresh-Tidy-Organised Home/Work Place”

To start with clearing the house, wardrobes, cabinets in the house, decluttering, sorting and implementing a new system which helps you to keep new order in long term – this is truly a situation that can overgrow your head.

If you don’t have the training and system to do things gradually and systematically, you’re tempted to give up your desire to have a beautifully clean and well organized home – very quickly.

There is also a question of how to handle the whole process if there are children or a partner who don´t love order?

There is a solution for you too!

Painless for you, but also for your loved ones…

To know more, Contact me >>> and we can chat about my help to you. See you soon.

There is a lot of learning and growing up I have done with Zora. It is thanks to her example of a bulletproof paperwork filing system that I am able to live in peace, knowing where all my important documents are, sorted in relevant categories. It takes me only a moment to find anything when I need it.

It was through her relentless persistence that I have learned the importance of having a clean, well-aired home where everything has its own place. Everyone who comes over comments on how my place feels like an ‘oasis of peace’ they love to hang out it.

Zora will not let you get away with not doing things properly, and it is for the sake of the best of results. She is always full of ideas from many years of studying different disciplines and will always help you get the best of results. Love it!

Zuzana Delgado

University of Essex Graduate

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