Cosmic Consciousness and Sacred Geometry for Your Home

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What my pictures are about and how they arise?

These are the revitalizing and harmonizing messages with Light Codes of Cosmic Consciousness and Sacred Geometry.

I download each picture from the Akashic Records (= the Book of Life). The message is expressed by means of symbols and colours of sacred geometry, which influence the human soul with their own energy and their own languages. Sometimes I get a verbal comment with the picture, but it doesn’t always happen.

Messages contain Light codes of Cosmic Consciousness, healing energy, and communicate with your soul on an energy level.

The strongest aspect of every picture is its energy and a personal message via light codes and sacred geometry from Heaven / Universe.

It is the language of the Universe that we may not understand yet, but it works. Today, however, quantum physics has proven that this information acts as an energy messages to our energy system and that we can actually use it to our advantage.

My job is to adapt my body and consciousness correctly to receive this information and draw it in the way I have received and learned to understand for a long time.

Every emerging level of drawing has its meaning and message. I found that even if I “break up” a picture somewhere in its creation (from my point of view as I only like perfect pictures) – it’s still a message to the situation which I am drawing about.

I drew many pictures without an intention or ordering for a particular person because I could feel that one day each message would be delivered to the person who appealed to the picture.

Each picture tells a story about some person or situation.

Initially, I received encouraging messages about “How God sees you,” what beauty He put into your soul.

Later, I began to receive messages as a strengthening symbol for certain situations (wedding, anniversary, graduation, mission), or for families and organizations that are building the New Earth.

It was like a miracle to me at that time, because I hadn’t painted before, but now I know that the Creator has only expanded my access to my talents and abilities / skills from past lives –and connected me to the energy of the invisible world and its various dimensions.

Through the combination of geometric symbols and colours, the Creator gives me an insight into “His workshop”, into how He created a particular man, what purpose (in general) He has with him here on Earth.

I get information about people I know and even those that I have never met before.

But it is not a type of divination, it is the capturing of a person’s beauty which the Creator put in him.

Each image contains an energy and harmonization message for a given person or situation through light code speech and sacred geometry. 

These are encrypted messages that make sense, even if human understanding is limited.

It is up to you what intention and protection you would like your new picture to contain.

Order a picture and email me exactly what you wish to have there as a message or protection (health, healing, happiness, family…).

I perceive all pictures as a blessing and protection.

You can see some examples of my pictures.

If you need to explain to me more about the purpose of your picture if it is a bigger picture  (for example for an organisation) it would be better to order a consultation with me personally first via button bellow. 

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