Clean Your Home from Negative Energy and Spiritual Entities

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Our homes are places that have their own energy. The energy (positive or negative) which they have, is gained during their lives from the emotions of their inhabitants.

When you move to a new home, it is very important to cleanse your home energetically from the energy and emotions of previous residents, or from the builders.

Even brand-new homes can display negative energy and draw abandoned souls if built in a place with a negative past or the builders who built the house left their energies and entities there, as I experienced first-hand, being the first resident in my new flat.

Also, the souls of the dead who were not ready to leave and were left here without a body remain in shops, hotels, schools, hospitals or retirement homes. They cannot return home – into the Light on their own.

In the past, it was common to organize funeral rituals or memorial masses where souls were diverted to the Light, so there were not as many of them as there are today.

Hotels, restaurants and pubs are especially difficult places full of negative entities. People who drink alcohol energetically damage their aura, and these entities easily attack their bodies and parasitize on them for a long time.

Many people today also keep an urn with the ashes of their dead at home.

They don´t make a space for them outside. This is not a good situation for their house, especially if they have children who are sensitive to these energies. But even adults don’t have to feel good there. Or, after the death of the person, someone from family suddenly changes their behaviour. Because the soul of the dead person occupies him.

I experienced a case where a family left an urn with ashes in a children’s room so that the child would not “forget his grandmother”. It really didn’t forget. It screamed terribly every night as the ghost of the deceased grandmother visited him.

Only when we placed the urn outside in the garden and organized a quiet farewell for the deceased did the night visits stop.

Negative energies and entities also often prevent smooth sale or rental of a house, or on the other hand, they attract types of people in whom the landlord is not interested. The law of attraction also works here.

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