Clean Your Home from Unnatural Energy and Spiritual Entities

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During our online coaching session/s I can help You with

All these services can be also performed live directly at your place where you need it. In this case, the fees will vary individually depending on the place and time of the event.

Our homes are places that have their own energy. The energy (positive or negative) which they have, is gained during their lives from the emotions of their inhabitants.

When you move to a new home, it is very important to cleanse your home energetically from the energy and emotions of previous residents, or from the builders.

Even brand-new homes can display negative energy and draw abandoned souls if built in a place with a negative past or the builders who built the house left their energies and entities there, as I experienced first-hand, being the first resident in my new flat.

The souls of the dead who were not ready to leave and were left here without a body remain also in shops, hotels, schools, hospitals or retirement homes. They cannot return home – into the Light on their own.

In the past, it was common to organize funeral rituals or memorial masses where souls were diverted to the Light, so there were not as many of them as there are today.

We usually bring home unwanted entities after visits to doctors, supermarkets, hospitals, hospices, pubs. They are simply everywhere where there are a lot of tense emotions and fears. 

Hotels, restaurants and pubs are especially difficult places full of negative entities. People who drink alcohol energetically damage their aura, and these entities easily attack their bodies and parasitize on them for a long time.

Many people today also keep an urn with the ashes of their dead at home. They don´t make a space for them outside. This is not a good situation for their house, especially if they have children who are sensitive to these energies. Even adults don’t have to feel good there. Alternatively, after the death of the person, someone from family suddenly changes their behaviour because the soul of the dead person manipulates them.

I experienced a case where a family left an urn with ashes in a children’s room so that the child would not “forget his grandmother”. The little girl really didn’t forget. She screamed terribly every night as the ghost of the deceased grandmother visited her. Only when we placed the urn outside in the garden and organized a quiet farewell for the deceased did the night visits stop.

Negative energies and entities also often prevent smooth sale or rental of a house, or on the other hand, they attract types of people in whom the landlord is not interested. The law of attraction also works here.

We should do energy cleaning of the home regularly and, of course, in exactly the same way as we do physical cleaning at home.

Many people already understand the importance of cleaning the places where they live or  work by the burning with incense sticks and bundles of white sage to mention a few.

But what most people don’t want to hear of is the fact that there are other unwanted entities in our houses who will not leave simply because of the burning incense sticks. 

This can happen because they are ashamed to talk about the subject as if there was something wrong with them personally which is not the case or because they think that if they “do not give attention the entities”, then they will leave them alone. This is, however, a misconception.

However, we should know that the presence of entities on our body or in our home is as obvious and frequent as the visible dirt on the floor or dirty dishes in the sink after a good lunch. Just everywhere you live, the dirt is both physical and energetic. It is a natural part of this life on the planet. There is no reason to be ashamed of it.

The reason for shame comes when we do nothing with dirt and clutter. Whether it is physical or energetic.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When you feel permanently tired or in a bad mood

  • When your mood and behaviour changes suddenly and for a long time

  • When you feel uncomfortable or pent up, having unpleasant feelings in some place

  • When you are overwhelmed by a large number of negative thoughts due to the entities that operate / live in the place and share the space with you

  • When your children are afraid of ‘something’ at home, especially at night

  • When your dog bark a lot and seemingly for no reason

  • When someone died in the house in the past

  • When a house is built on the site of a previous tragedy (fire, earthquake, murder, robbery ...)

  • When selling or renting a property does not go smoothly

  • When your property for rent attracts only unwanted, unsuitable tenants

  • When the property is haunted, ie there are strange sounds, creaks, movements

  • When you own a hotel or a restaurant but guests do not want to stay

  • Hospitals, doctors' surgeries, hospices, retirement homes are overcrowded with the souls of dead and unwanted entities

  • Schools, hotels, restaurants, hubs, prisons, churches, charities for the homeless and police stations are also full of unwanted entities

  • When there is an unpleasant atmosphere in the home or workplace

  • When a family member suddenly begins to behave differently, especially after the death of a loved one

  • If we leave urns with the ashes of the dead at home

  • When we don’t want to accept that someone close to us has passed and in this way we are keeping their soul in this world

  • When you purchased or rented a new property (moving to a new home)

  • If you have gone through a difficult period of life such as divorce, serious illness, death of a loved one, family quarrels

  • You are suddenly struck by fatigue and gloomy thoughts in the house, even though you felt good and at ease shortly before

  • When you suffer from an addiction or other similar problem (alcoholism, smoking, excessive appetite, unexpected outbursts of anger, desire for violence, addiction to pornography, self-harming ...)

We will talk about your problem and what resolution would bring you the best relief. I will establish whether I will be able to help you or not. I will suggest a possible procedure, and it will be up to you to decide whether the proposed way suits you or not.


We will talk about how the whole process of diagnostics and cleaning takes place and what needs to be prepared for it. And of course, you can ask about anything that you might be unsure about. 

The medium is a mentally healthy adult through whom I communicate with the entities in the home.


The communication takes place in a fully awake state. This is NOT a type of hypnosis. It is a completely safe process similar to meditation.


A person sits comfortably or lies down, closes their eyes and maps himself and his space with his inner vision according to my instructions. I ask questions and the entities respond through the medium.


In the case of children needing help, the medium would be their parent.

  • I use two ways to work with entities:

    1/ drawing them out with the help of a communication medium, which is one of the adult residents of the house or the property owner

    2/ ‘cleaning’ using the means of automatic drawing

  • The whole process can be done online or live directly in the property - the choice is yours

  • We will first meet at the introductory 30-minute meeting, where you will describe your whole problem to me and I will suggest a possible solution

  • You will send me an orientation plan of the apartment or house and its surroundings by email (a hand-drawn picture is enough)

  • I do the diagnostic session through a medium, which is one of the adult inhabitants of the house / apartment or the owner of the property

  • We will first find out whether the medium itself does not have an embodied soul directly on it, if so, we will lead it away. Sometimes it goes fast, sometimes it takes two hours to remove attached souls from the medium

  • Then we go through the entire space (even online), diagnose and remove the present entities

  • If I am physically present in the place, I clean and energetically fine-tune the space using sounds and cleasing mixtures

  • If the cleansing is done online, the cleaning of the space is done by the person who is on site following my instructions

  • Finally, you will receive a list of recommendations on how you can clean and maintain a clean space yourself

  • Premises need regular cleaning and energy maintenance from unwanted energy. It's the same as cleaning the house or doing the laundry

Yes, it's completely safe.

Entities are taken away voluntarily, often leaving with joy and hope of deliverance from their sad lives. No violence is perpetrated on them as it is in the case of Catholic exorcism, so no dramas take place.

The Bible says that communication with the souls of the dead is prohibited...


Yes, the Bible says so, but it refers to situations in which people invoke the souls of the dead in order to foretell the future.


This is not what happens here.


We are talking to the souls of the dead who are stuck in an invisible reality between heaven and earth and cannot get home from there to the Light, where they were meant to go right after their death. But it didn't happen for them.


So we find the soul and help it leave. At the same time, we help the person who was troubled by the soul.


After all, Jesus did the same. And he gave us the right to do this too if a person has the spiritual and practical competencies to do so.

The intention is the same - to relieve a person of bothersome entities.


The methods and results are different.


I myself have experience with religious methods of "expelling spirits" from both this and past lives, when I fulfilled this function myself as a Catholic exorcist (in my past life in the 12th century in Italy).


I practiced it also with “evangelical methods” in my current life, and I must say that it is just violent shooting in the hope that we will somehow be able to liberate man or space in the name of Jesus.


The religious concept of "casting out spirits" cannot diagnose space and man as a whole. And it cannot communicate with the souls of the dead - communicate with respect as with the lost souls of the dead. It takes them as something evil that stinks of hell and needs to be removed.


Religious exorcism - in my personal opinion - does not work with the souls of the dead and demonic entities according to the cosmic / divine laws.


In this life, I first learned to use the religious approach of casting out spirits. Then the Universe / God could no longer look at it and taught me to negotiate with these beings for good to leave the space where they live.


And because that was not enough, I supplemented my knowledge with an experienced secular teacher who explained the methods and rules of working with these entities to me in a way that religion isn’t familiar with. He himself calls this process a ‘kind exorcism’ because the souls of the dead are handled with consideration and helped. They are not removed by forced.


Unlike religious exorcism, I don't just take souls out of the house, somewhere on the street, where they stick to someone else again. Instead, I take them directly ‘home’ to the Light.

  • On average 2 hours, but the time is very diverse because some entities leave willingly and quickly while others are stubborn and do not want to leave. Then the negotiation process is longer, because they also have free will and the right to decide for themselves

  • You can end or continue the whole cleaning process after 2 hours. The decision is up to you and your current situation

  • Repeated cleaning, if you order it again after a while, is done online and is usually shorter than the first time

If you have worn some embodied souls, taking them away will usually cause a great relief from a problem, pain, illness or depression which this entities caused in a short space of time.


In the cleaned space you immediately start to feel much better, freer. You will breathe more freely, you will have more energy and feel more joy. The heavy energy that was previously poured on you will disappear.

  • £ 150 - approximately 2 hours of diagnostics of you and your place, removal of entities, space cleaning. Please note that the time shown is approximate and cannot be followed exactly

  • £ 35 - if the situation requires a longer session, each additional half-hour counts extra

  • £ Agreement - If you want a direct visit at your home or work place, I include travel time and costs in carrying out my work for you. The amount will be calculated in advance and it is up to you whether you accept it or not. We will arrange everything at the introductory online meeting.

  • This is very different. In some places, diagnostics and cleaning are very good and fast, in others, it is a long process. Definitely interesting, however.

  • I have not yet experienced for it to be impossible to motivate any of the entities to leave, but I believe that this can happen as well. In some cases, however, I am not allowed to take the entity away because it is part of the teaching process of one of the occupants of the house. These cases can happen from time to time.

  • If we are not done after two hours of cleaning, and you decide not to continue, some entities may remain there. But there will be considerably fewer than before. So you will definitely feel relief in space.

  • Some entities are not interested in leaving their place of residence. Negotiations are more problematic and it is so difficult to predict how the whole situation will turn out with them. So I can't give you a 100% guarantee in advance. But after the clean-up, you will have a clear idea of whether anything has remained or all the entities have left.

  • The entire space after the departure of the spiritual entities must be cleaned and kept for as long as possible according to my instructions. However, the spiritual beings move freely through space, so your home may soon be filled again with new visitors who come home with you from the supermarket, the doctor or work, etc.

  • It is important to understand in this situation that the entities can only stick to a person or a place under certain conditions. If you stop creating those conditions for them by your thinking and acting, they will stop being attracted to you, accumulating around you.

  • However, if you live in housing where some neighbours are connected to your walls (apartments, terraced houses), it is difficult to prevent these entities from passing freely between apartments / houses. But what can help you is the knowledge of energy purification and self-transformational work, the understanding of your thinking and actions that allow them to stay with you.

It depends on you what you choose.


I prefer a personal visit because I can feel the whole space through my body and communicate with the place directly. And I see every detail that can be important for a given situation. Unfortunately, at present, this is not an ideal solution and it always depends on the conditions for a personal visit to take place.


At the end of the personal meeting, I walk through the whole house separately, monitor the whole space and recommend what can be improved to clean the house and its energy. Because we all know the operational blindness when we walk around something for so long that we don't even notice that there is a problem somewhere. We are blind to it. This happens to all of us in a familiar environment.


Such a thorough procedure in an online session is not possible, because I do not see and feel everything there, because my ability to feel energy over the Internet is still limited.


However, an online meeting is still very useful, much quicker and will solve a large part of the problems. You will definitely feel the change. And online sessions for drawing entities away are almost 100% efficient. You will then clean yourself and your home yourself according to my instructions.

30 minutes opening online session

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At the request of my clients and in order to protect their privacy, I do not publish the photo and the full name of some customers. This is due to the sensitive nature of this service.

I met Zorka as a cohousing promoter in connection with my housing project, where I want to enable shared housing. We started by cleaning the premises of the old mill from the burdens of history since the 11th century. Some call them ghosts, some entities, but it is certain that we got rid of them thanks to Zorka. From the mill and the ancestors living in it, we got to their descendants, who are reconstructing the mill with me today. They bear as an inheritance the family idea and also the consequences of the tragic events of the Middle Ages. Zorka and I were able to find what prevents them from continuing the tradition of free living in this place and clean up these obstacles. As a real estate agent, I often come across apartments and houses where people do not live well. Therefore, I recommend them to clean both the space and everything that caused such housing mentally and healthily. Zorka will guide you through this cleaning experienced and safely.

Pavel Dockal

Since childhood, I have been afraid to walk through our house and my children have the same. I also perceived other parts of our house where I did not feel well. That's why I repeatedly smoked the premises of our house and used crystals. But it was not enough. That's why I used Zora's services, even though I was worried in advance about how it would work. During the online consultation, Zora guided me through the process of connecting with higher consciousness, and then we cleansed my body of unwanted energies and then our house. When I felt my body, I literally saw and felt the shackles on both my calves and thighs. It was a very unpleasant and black feeling. I felt how those energies or beings kept me from many activities and how they blocked me from the many activities for a long time in my life. Where I felt a negative being, Zora guided me and ride the process of communicating with the being - with clearly formulated questions, she came to the reason why the being remained either with my body or in parts of our house. All the souls addressed were then taken by Zora to the Light, and they were often accompanied by a number of other souls who joined with enthusiasm and love. Communication with beings and their emotions were breathtaking for me, I felt their willingness to look at what they were doing from a different angle and their joy that they could help more and better in the Light. I felt such love and joy from them that I cannot express in words. My body reacted very emotionally to everything and tears began to flow from me. My body vibrated with the departure of those beings, and I felt the joy and love that accompanied them. When I now emotionally walk through places where we have not felt good for a long time, I perceive purity in terms of beings and energies. I feel light and unencumbered, and I feel the beautiful and clean energy of the whole house. If you need help with cleaning the house, with cleaning yourself or a family member from heavy energies and entities, I recommend Zora with all my heart.

Pavla Marie Blackmore

Guide to the Power of Nature

The first time I used Zora’s services was when I was house-sitting for a week and really didn’t feel good in the house. I felt like I couldn’t rest there and at night I had this uncomfortable feeling which is something I don’t normally experience. I was not sure whether I believed it would help, believed in the whole process or what it claims it does. But I thought it was worth trying. The session lasted an hour and, in that time, a number of entities that I had no prior conscious awareness of left the house. It made an unbelievable difference and for the rest of the week, I felt like at home there, being able to look after the house. Next, a while after, I had another session on drawing away entities from me. Again, I was quite sceptical because obviously, something like having unwanted souls attached to you couldn’t be MY problem, right? However, the session was very interesting and as it turns out, there were apparently 6 different entities attached to me, some even set out to destroy my happiness which is quite scary. Those were all things that I saw and perceived myself, not things that Zora told me. This session was quite intense for me in the sense that I really didn’t expect to see those things and I was glad to be rid of them! Following this, I decided it was only good, common sense to have my own house cleared out of these entities. Zora skilfully led quite a few away, some even from my bedroom! Since then, I haven’t felt any different here. However, certain situations that weren’t going well for me before started changing for the better and I sincerely hope this trend continues. I guess cleaning is always for good, no matter what kind of cleaning you do… Thank you, Zora!


Bristol, UK

I would like to write here my impressions from the consultation with Zorka. We bought a new house in November last year. I have been feeling energy since I was a child, when there are some in the house. Sometimes it can be endured, but I'm really scared in this house. During the consultation, Zorka explained to me what different entities live in our dwellings, what encourages them to stay here. I am glad that I met Zork and I finally know someone who can take such entities from our lives to their right place.

Katarina Bertusek

German teacher, Switzerland

30 minutes opening online session

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