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What you’ll find here

My cohousing journey

My journey to cohousing projects started with my desire to become a part of a meaningful and conscious cohousing community.

Over a period of several years, I attended all sorts of events and occasions where various organizations promoted cohousing as the future of living – but I couldn’t find any meaningful information as to how to make this dream a reality. 

I heard a barage of words and promises telling me what the government was doing to support such projects, but I didn’t see any real help extended to groups which wanted to build their own homes and communitites. A small number of groups achieves their dream goal because they have competent leaders, but the remaining groups lose themselves within the multitude of words, slogans, promises, and vague information. Although various organizations try to improve the situation in this field as well, results are very slow to materialize.

Several examples of cohousing projects already do exist and they are happy to provide information to the general public. However, that clearly isn’t enough; we must figure out how to get from words to actions and most groups don’t know how to navigate the entire process in relation to their particular situations.

At these events, I came across people who had been trying to develop their own projects much longer than I have! Typically, it was 5 – 12 years! Despite that, they hadn’t been able to move forward. Also, many groups fell apart as time went by. 

And I still couldn’t figure out the reason. Why was this happening? I thought that perhaps my limited knowledge of English systems was at fault. I couldn’t understand why things were being done in such complicated ways? And why wasn’t any useful and meaningful information in sight, despite endless lectures and webinars? 

A long time ago, my ex-husband and I managed to build a house together within three years‘ time, on our own, as completely naive young amateurs, so I couldn’t grasp why an entire group wasn’t able to construct a project within 10 years‘ time???

Source of information – London training

So I decided to go where one can obtain the most information: at the source. 

I completed a months-long intensive training for cohousing advisors in London, and that’s where I discovered the weaknesses in this whole system. As well as the reason why so many groups couldn’t move forward with their efforts to complete their projects. Where the weak spots are of the groups dreaming their dream of nice housing. 

Just like I’d dreamed and made the same mistakes because I‘d trusted the information we were being fed about cohousing. But the information doesn’t work. Now I finally now why.

Biggest problems of groups when starting projects

So, here is the list of the main issues I see here in the UK, but from my research into projects in USA I know that they struggle with these as well. Therefore, I am assuming that these are the general problems group face when they are just beginning:

Why you should start a project despite problems

I created my own system - Cohousing 3.0

Well, once my training for cohousing advisors in London was over, I decided  not to go down the beaten path of the system, but to create a different way, more meaningful to me, of helping groups achieve their dream housing. To add what the process was missing. I named my system Cohousing 3.0 – the path for the aware.

Awakened and energetically growing people need a completely different quality of home and community than those who have not awakened, because they are highly perceptive of the energies around them. If your house is isolated from other dwellings, it’s relatively ok. But if your home is a part of a row of townhouses or if you live in an apartment building, your neighbors and their lifestyles have a much bigger impact on you than you can guess.

Moreover, the cohousing Matrix is designed only for masculine methods and energies. If you are not strictly on masculine energy, participating in the chase for housing and grants will be problematic for you. 

On the other hand, if the focus is only on achieving clear, specific results, groups often fall apart  because foundations for relationships are not being built and no one focuses on unifying the group and collective growth. This means working with feminine energy. Clear, specific results are slow to arrive in this area and in the meantime, nothing is happening; the group dies a slow death.

In order to live in new energies and new communities, all group members need to be stabilized and finetuned at roughly the same level. It does matter who is in your community and who is on the other side of the bedroom wall. Because you are very perceptive to the energies around you.

That’s why I created a path for the aware – Cohousing 3.0.

The point of this solution is integrating masculine and feminine energies within the project so that all participants may understand the work with energies and know how to work with them.

What makes Cohousing 3.0 different and what makes it useful?

What’s next?

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