Step Inside the Circle

Step Inside the Circle

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This is my heart topic and is related to my mission on this planet – healing families.

In the past as a young teacher and then for years in my practice, I have seen that it is useless to “correct and punish a child” when the primary cause is parents and family. That is why I have always tried to work closely with parents from my class, which I managed to do despite the prevailing view that the teacher must not worry about the family situation, that his job is “just pouring the knowledge into the child’s head”.

Adverse childhood experiences are the single greatest unaddressed public health threat facing the nations today.
Dr. Robert Block

“Unaddressed childhood trauma changes how we respond to the world and when triggered, we make choices that sometimes have devastating consequences including domestic violence, addiction, murder and prison.

Let’s shift the paradigm of how we incarcerate, isolate and dehumanize the most traumatized members of our society.” Unquote.


Although it may seem that the problem affects only prisoners, it is not. We all carry our whole life (and many lives) traumas from childhood, traumas that need treatment. Many people who look like adults, but they think and act like immature children. Therefore, the vicious circle of problems and negativity continues …

But we have the power to change it. Not the government, not “they at the top” – we ourselves have a responsibility for our lives, for our home and our family.

A home is a place that can help all of us recover if we pay conscious attention to this process of healing and creating a home. And it doesn’t matter whether we live alone in our home or we are part of an extended family. Every one of us needs healing.

Be part of this change.

Move the wheel of the evolution of humanity for the better.

Because every single person and every single family has the power to change the whole society by changing itself.

By its own change, which is written into the collective consciousness, it also helps to change the consciousness of those who have not yet awakened and are not interested in changing anything.


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