Listen to the Message of Easter and of Your Soul

Listen to the Message of Easter and of Your Soul

No matter what we believe

and whether we are part of a religion or not – the Spring Solstice and Easter are a natural time for rebirth, revival, new beginnings. It is the natural cycle of Earth. And the whole Universe is pulling us to our new journey. Especially in this family-blessed coronavirus time!

Our soul is calling us – but we can choose not to hear. We can nestle ourselves with some drink or biscuits in front of the TV, endless chatting about nothing with friends, or browsing the Internet. And to overhear or even deliberately suppress the call of our soul. Because one who is not accustomed to stop in silence and hear what his soul is telling him, he intentionally avoids this silent call.

Because one knows the soul calls him to be accountable for his own life, for his own situation.

And who likes problems or discomfort, right?

So – many people take rather a glass of alcohol or chips to the TV to cheer them up and push in the silence the soul’s call.

Because they don´t know that through discomfort and negative emotions our soul leads us to a change.

But how about we stop playing blind games and start listening and let to our soul to guide us? To give to the soul a room to change our lives?

We do not need as our first step a psychotherapist, a psychologist for depression or alcohol or sedative at all. Just start creating…

And what to create?

Harmony and beauty in your home. In a new way. In a conscious way.

During my own journey of personal and spiritual development, I have discovered how great lever to healing can be the place where we live and work.

Our home can

Simply - our home can help us to transform our lives and to become a conscious person.

Our home can be a huge leverage for our own development and spiritual growth – if we allow it and start to co-operate with it. Yes – with it. Our home/house is a live organism.

Don’t believe? Try a small test in your home…

and watch carefully how you feel DURING and AFTER the test. And what happens then.

If you make small changes at home, you will open your way to a new life and to your soul!

Use spring revival energy to restore the flow of chi (life energy) in your home and life.

Look at the place where you sleep, where you should rest in peace and quiet and take our test.

Stand in your bedroom for a while and feel how you feel there? How does your soul feel there? When you open the wardrobes/cupboards – is there order and system? Or chaos?

Did you know that this chaos is a picture / mirror of the chaos in your head?

And now we can start to clean!

To clean with

Carry out all cleaning with the purpose of “Opening the door to welcome changes and good things for your life”. Or give yourself the purpose you feel that you want to gain through the change.

Before the cleaning start for while to notice how you feel in your room.

And during the clean concentrate on every step and do things carefully. Clean with love. Give love to your home and your things.

After the cleaning take small time and to notice again how you feel now in your bedroom.

If you have a diffuser at home with natural essential oils (not synthetic oils!) – complete this transformation of your bedroom.

When you have finished this work – stay in your room again and feel the difference in the energy of your bedroom. How do you feel there now?

And you can be sure that when you have removed so much of the old junk and clutter from your bedroom,

so much has left your mind and your emotions, and you will feel great relief and joy.

What’s more – good things can start coming into your life – you have created a place for them! You said to the Universe clear “YES – I want a change!” 🙂

Everybody can handle regular cleaning.

But there is also cleaning with the intention, cleaning and organization of the home, which will make life easier for you and for all who live with you. Cleaning that has its rules and respects the natural cycles of you and of nature.

If you want to make a total change in your life

and in your family in 2020,

you can go through this process with me. Step by step, we will declutter and reorganize your home to serve everyone comfortably and you are not a slave to the home and the people in it.

I will teach you how to love cleaning, even if you have other dreams of your future than cleaning. 🙂

I will teach you how to make from cleaning an ally – the ally for life, not an enemy.

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