Inspiration – The Eighth Day Shop

Inspiration – The Eighth Day Shop

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For me, it is a great example of co-operation and common business for cohousing groups.

People can get to know better each other before the start of the actual construction of the project, and they build not only relationships in advance, but also common income for the future.

Because waiting for state grants and their difficult conditions is not a good starting position and does not allow to create a stable foundation for a future project.

From the shop page:

At The 8th Day Co-operative Cafe and Shop, you will find what is arguably the largest selection of organic, natural, vegetarian and vegan foods in the North West.

They also provide free of charge nutritional advice from our two highly qualified nutritional therapists, organic and natural skincare advice, facials, fantastic organic alcohol, locally made produce and our Cafe specialises in tasty, healthy slow-cooked food.

They have been independent for over 40 years and are one of Manchester’s longest-running independent Co-operatives.

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