A digital hurricane

I planned as I perceived leading from Heaven/Universe/ God/Source/Guardians (choose what is OK for you), that this year will be marked by the next level of great DECLUTTERING and SIMPLIFICATION in all areas of my life (again and again over years) – in the habits, finances, at home, websites, social networks, PC, OneDrive, OneNote, and other applications. So that I finally put my online life and work in complete order and wonderful simplicity as I wish. 😀

Two events have also strongly contributed to my desire to finally bring my systems to a victorious end:

A student accommodation in Bolton burned last year, which we experienced together with my client and today also a friend – the student of the University of Bolton. We were worried that so many students have lost their passports, visas, important documents…everything.

This event brought me to my first thought:

Even if I keep my things in order and know where to find everything – if a fire will be here – do I have things organized so that I can pick up the most important things in 5 minutes and leave home?

The second event was even more complicated. One family shared photos of their parents’ inheritance and the appalling clutter left behind. And the children were forced to dismantle this mess and vacate the house.

This event made me think again:

Even if I keep my things in order and I do not have many, do I have a system in place so that my children can easily and quickly trace all documents and understand how my systems work? When I will leave this planet.


Creating a simple and meaningful system in any area requires time and testing.

In addition, I review and clean my systems every two years because I need them to evolve with me.

So, the plans were beautiful, but the reality exceeded all my expectations! From 4th April (I guess it was created by the open portal of the Light 😀 ) my life was such a digital whip that completely ploughed my finances, accounting, websites, PC and all the components in it, OneDrive, OneNote. Last night I stopped totally exhausted for a while and tried to understand what it was ??? Any cosmic vortex? Or did I dream?

No, it didn’t!

Everything in my digital world has been ruined and mixed so that only big decluttering and new organizing in all affected areas can save me. No gradual cleaning spread throughout the year as my purpose was. 🙂

But this digital hurricane has brought into my digital world one incredible advantage:

I have been thinking for a very long time (classic – my Moon in Libra considering everything for a long time from all directions) how and where to start decluttering and organizing in my digital world because I have tons of the folders and applications and photos.

What system to create to make it meaningful, simple and functional?

And the one I created in my head and on paper – is it the right one, and well functional? But mainly – where to start ???


So, the Universe solved these problems for me he started the action instead of me. 😀

In the last two days, when I gathered together the remnants of my digital world,

I was suddenly quite clear about what was important and what I could let go,

and what my new online and offline systems will look like.

And what was also very important to me – it is everywhere advisable how to keep everything online and so-called “safely”. My personal digital hurricane showed me exactly how to balance the off- and on-line world. What system is best for me.

So, I have had another small earthquake that has brought me a lot of work that I would like to avoid 😀 , but on the other hand, what I still teach others – when you declutter your home and stuff out – it clears also a place in your head and in life.

A home is a place that can help all of us recover if we pay conscious attention to this process of healing and creating a home. And it doesn’t matter whether we live alone in our home or we are part of an extended family. Every one of us needs healing.

Be part of this change.

Move the wheel of the evolution of humanity for the better.

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