Q 1: Who are you, Zora Alice?

@…..CEO, Founder of Czech Wells
@ ….Masters Degree in Education, Mentor, Lector
@ .Buildings Energy Therapist
@ ….The Entities Removal Specialist
@ ….Cohousing 3.0 Enabler/Facilitator
@ ….

@ ….Originally I am a Czech teacher, living in England since 2007. Currently in Manchester.

@ ….My knowledge and skills belong largely to the invisible world. I work with energies and invisible beings in everyday practical life.

I know how to clean the energy of the place where you live or work and I can teach you how to keep it clean. I can take/clean most spiritual beings of the invisible world from your place and put them where they belong.

@ ….And I am helping to create conscious/awake cohousing communities of the new era. Because it is always the first and most important conscious work with energy at the beginning.

Knowing the patterns of conscious work with the energy will make it easier for you to attract the right people for your community cohousing project and build a community that will act as a strong partnership.

Q 2: Who areyour clients?

@…..Schools, Charities
@ ….Property agencies
@ ….Hotels, Restaurants
@ ….Hospitals, Hospices
@ ….Supermarkets
@ ….Places with a large accumulation of strong emotions and negativity.

@ ….My clients are people who want to clean their home or workplace from the negative energies that affect them. These can be energy from the clutter or the energy of beings of the invisible world. And my clients want to change it and live in a clean and safe environment.

@ ….My clients are people who know that in addition to our material world, there also exists an invisible world that greatly affects our lives here on Earth.

@ ….My clients are also awake people who are learning how to navigate in the invisible world and understand their problems that naturally come with awakening and transformation.

My goal is to teach my clients to be independent in working with the energy cleansing of their home or workplace so that they can feel good and safe there.

Q 3: Aha! You areso-called Ezo or Religiousperson! Isn´t?

@…..Not that.

I am a conscious / awakened person who knows how to unite both Spirit and Matter in practical life.

The person who can perceive the language of the invisible world and use this information practically.

@…..And teaches it others.


Today, working with the energies no longer has the label of esoteric or shamanic nonsense.

Quantum physics has proven these energies and their functioning long ago, and so this work is based on scientifically sound grounds.

Even the presence of spiritual entities can be measured by devices because they are also energetic beings.

Q 4: What about yourEducation and Knowledge?

@…..The Entities Removal Specialist – Prostor sebepoznání Brno, Czech Republic
@…..Community Led Housing Enabler/Advisor – Community Led Homes, London
@….Multiple Streams of Property Income – Progressive Property, Peterborough 
@ ….People, Profits and Property – Fielding Financial, London
@ ….Strategic and Business Planning, certificate – Salford CVS Training
@ ….Business Administration, certificate – The Manchester College
@ ….Masters Degree in Education – The University of Ostrava, Czech Republic , Level 7, Diploma valid within EU ( = Pedagogy, Psychology, Art Teaching)

Q 5: And besides others nextPersonal Development?

@…..Real Estate Investment and Community-led Housing Projects
@…..Effective work methods and organizational systems
@…..Increasing system intelligence
@…..Psychotherapy and Counselling
@…..Life Coaching
@…..Effective methods and processes of personal development
@…..NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
@…..EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
@…..Effect of environment and colours on the emotional and physical health of humans
@…..Effective methods and processes of learning and teaching
@…..Strategic and Business Planning
@…..Personal Finances
@…..The life and spiritual path of conscious people
@…..Minimalist and sustainable lifestyle

Q 6: Tell me, why your companyis called Czech Wells, when you live and work in England?

@…..Just as every person is born with some of his own special task and vocation, so each country has a different vocation and mission as well.

@…..The Czech nation is by its historical roots a deeply spiritual nation.

@…..And my calling is to bring symbolic fresh water of knowledge and the art of connection with the invisible world from Czech wells to other nations.

Also to show other people how to reduce learning time on the spiritual path and avoid unnecessary mistakes and waste time. Because planet Earth is on the rise to the 5D dimension and we want to go with her.

Q 7: How can we contact you, Zora Alice?

@…..I prefer as first contact via email, where you can explain how you need help.

@…..I normally answer questions about orders within 24 hours.

If you will not receive my reply in this time, maybe your email didn´t arive and will be helpfull to go in touch again.

@…..Here >>> you can find my contact information. See you soon! 🙂

No 8: And something about my hobbies:

Thank you for sharing
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