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I am a transformation guide and a community cohousing advisor. I teach women how to create a healthy home and a healthy community – energetically and practically.

Cohousing 3.0

I focus on building and transforming relationships in the group and managing cohousing projects at the start so that your project does not end prematurely due to unmanaged relationships or inappropriate project management…

Energy Cleansing

apartments, houses and family burdens from unwanted energies that make life and relationships difficult for you. Therapy for your home and family when all previous cleaning methods have not been effective. Then you need to go deeper…

Transformational Coaching

Spirituality is a natural part of our personality and life. Due to upbringing, education and religion, we were disconnected from our souls and thus we had a number of problems that need to be put in order…

Testimonials of my Clients

There is a lot of learning and growing up I have done with Zora.

It is thanks to her example of a bulletproof paperwork filing system that I am able to live in peace, knowing where all my important documents are, sorted in relevant categories. It takes me only a moment to find anything when I need it.

It was through her relentless persistence that I have learned the importance of having a clean, well-aired home where everything has its own place.

Everyone who comes over comments on how my place feels like an ‘oasis of peace’ they love to hang out it.

Zora will not let you get away with not doing things properly, and it is for the sake of the best of results. She is always full of ideas from many years of studying different disciplines and will always help you get the best of results. Love it!

Zuzana Delgado

English Teacher

I met Zorka as a cohousing promoter in connection with my housing project, where I want to enable shared housing.

We started by cleaning the premises of the old mill from the burdens of history since the 11th century. Some call them ghosts, some entities, it is certain that we got rid of them thanks to Zorka.

From the mill and the ancestors living in it, we got to their descendants, who are reconstructing the mill with me today. They bear as an inheritance the family idea and also the consequences of the tragic events of the Middle Ages.

Zorka and I were able to find what prevents them from continuing the tradition of free-living in this place and cleaning up these obstacles.

As a real estate agent, I often come across apartments and houses where people do not live well. Therefore, I recommend them to clean both the space and everything that caused such housing mentally and healthily. Zorka will guide you through this cleaning expertly and safely.

Pavel Dockal

Real Estate Agent

Before I met Zora, I was interested in personal development. I read many online articles and books and I was thinking about myself as a conscious person.

But only during the year of intensive coaching with Zora, I began to understand the connections between different areas of conscious life.

Zora explained to me how the spiritual laws work, how the energy of money works, and what was most important for me – as for any male, to get into my masculine strength. I wanted to be able to organize my life and I needed to understand how I work in everyday life, what I do, where I’m going and what I want to achieve.

Thanks to that, I also got rid of the role of a “Mr. Nice Guy,” who could not say NO, he liked everyone and forgotten on himself. I’ve really done so much work on myself. My self-confidence is healthy at this moment and my life has made sense. I feel strong and full of energy.

Tomas Novak

University student

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